K.Vaughn Philadelphia Fashion Designer

Philly Designer K.Vaughn debuts his “First Friday Fashion Art Prosecco” at his West Philly Studio

The Philadelphia Designer continues to make moves, in his own lane.

The creative dynamic that embraces K.Vaughn is much like the iconic scarves he’s created for nearly three decades. The self-made designer has enhanced the wardrobe of in-the-know fashionistas who often immediately call out others seen sporting original K.Vaughn scarves.

With the social distancing guidelines affecting the city’s vibrant arts scene, the clothing artisan debuted the First Friday Fashion Art Prosecco at his eponymous studio.

K.Vaughn Philadelphia Fashion Designer Studio

“We are celebrating the fact that we’re still here and we stayed true to our vision,” K.Vaughn shared.

“It’s been a real tough time for a lot of people, whether it be racially, politically, being sick, you know, it’s real. This wasn’t the atmosphere where you go out and do things in the streets; this is where you kind of close ranks, especially in times of trouble. I’ve always had a vision or idea of just bringing everything under one roof because I can control the atmosphere, the energy and have the ability to really control every aspect of the situation and also influence the atmosphere.”

As guests drank bubbly drinks and chatted, K.Vaughn discussed the various artworks in his space, including limited tours of his uber-private studio where the real magic happens. The intimate gathering included longtime clients, friends, and fellow creatives, including UK-based freelance designer Freddi Finesilver.

“We decided on collaboration because what he has done was repetitive – great fabrics, but the same thing continuously,” Freddi explained of their recently formed alliance.

K.Vaughn Philadelphia Fashion Designer Studio

“We thought let’s do something else with some creative stuff because he doesn’t have an actual background and design, but his scarves are doing beautifully! That’s why we decided to get some fabric and step it up a bit.”

While enjoying the late summer breeze, the independent designer took another sip before referencing “What’s Free” lyrics by Meek Mill, Rick Ross, and Jay-Z.

K.Vaughn Philadelphia Fashion Designer and Guests

“Jay said it best: ‘What’s free? Free is when nobody else could tell us what to be…'”

Adding: “Listen, I’m living the dream right now.”

K.Vaughn is currently designing his Fall 2020 Collection.


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