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Seth Witcher – Villains Need Saving Too

On the heels of his latest Pop single release, “Villains Need Saving Too”, Seth Witcher talks about musical inspiration and purpose. 

Born and raised in Allentown, Pennsylvania, Seth Witcher began his relationship with music at a very young age. The artist began singing in the church choir at age 4 and at age 6, he learned to play the piano. Shortly after his first piano lessons, Witcher began his first guitar lessons, which skills he would work hard to build throughout his career. Outside of music, Witcher spent much of his free time as an adolescent reading manga, watching anime, playing video games, or working out. These activities may have very well contributed to some of the characteristics that define his personality today- creativity, persistence, determination, and compassion.

Seth Witcher

Witcher shared that he decided to pursue a full-time music career after his first show. “I had just played in a dive bar for three hours. It was my very first time doing so. As such, people tried to boo me out of the venue in the middle of my set! I sounded so bad, but luckily I made it through. Having been able to make it through that, I had a burning desire to sing like that again. So I did! Over and over and over again.” Music is now his full-time career, and his music is played across the globe. 

In the next 5 years, Seth Witcher pictures himself as a household name, having already won a few Grammys. “I see myself having my own niche in the Pop, Singer and Songwriter space,” he tells us. “The joy that music itself brings me is enough inspiration to pursue music the way I do. I know that singing, and creating music is what I was made to do.”

Seth Witcher

Speaking of purpose, Seth Witcher believes that everyone has the God given right to live life in their purpose. “I also believe that, unfortunately, not everyone chooses to live that life.” Purpose is what continues to propel Witcher’s career in music. 

Seth Witcher

Seth Witcher frequently releases new music and performs live at venues throughout the region. To stay up to date on his whereabouts, followers can check out his website

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