The Men’s Shop – The Re-Launch at Joan Shepp

The Re-Launch of the Men’s Shop at Joan Shepp.

Joan Shepp has always been a destination for women’s fashion. Yet, through the years, they have featured notable men’s designers alongside prominent ladies apparel over their tenure as the Philadelphia region’s haven of European and next-level fashion. When the store relocated to its current location at 1811 Chestnut Street, the focus was strategically placed primarily on ladies’ fashion. Denizens of male fashion looked to retailers such as Boyds and, until recently, Barneys to facilitate their fashion needs. However, with the recent closure of Barneys, it was time for Joan Shepp to re-include men’s fashion into their offerings. 

“Philadelphia is growing tremendously, and I think that the need is here. We’ve had men’s once before. But now, we are bringing it back. So many men have asked us and requested us to do a men’s collection. So we are going to do a pop-up to introduce it and see how it goes. There will be lots of things here for you to find you and be an artist on your own. ” – Tuesday Gordon, Joan Shepp Manager, and Buyer.

Joan Shepp
Once again, fashion forward men have a place to call home in Philadelphia.

Last week, the Men’s Shop did indeed return to Joan Shepp. The Men’s Shop’s re-launch featured pieces by Maison Margiela, Off-White, Comme des Garcons, Y-3, and Rick Owens, plus a pop-up shop by New York’s fashion outfit, Coat of Arms.

“In general, men’s clothes can be very boring. And they jazz it up with a scarf, and they think, ‘I’m fabulous!’ But there are way more accessories and color and silhouettes for men that are not so over-the-top, that any normal guy can wear. You just have to find it. So I’m hoping that they find it here.” – Ellen Shepp (daughter of Joan Shepp), Manager, Clothing Buyer, Event Planner.

Joan Shepp
The Men’s Shop also carries next level fashion accessories.

Visit Joan Shepp at 1811 Chestnut Street in Philadelphia or visit them online at to indulge in the culture of high-end fashion, streetwear, eclectic home goods, and more.

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