The Reebok Question Mid Celebrates the Sixers, Dr. J, and Allen Iverson

The Reebok Question Mid Celebrates Dr. J, and Allen Iverson

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Philly basketball is celebrated as Reebok releases The Question Mid limited edition basketball shoe.

Sure, we’re in the middle of the Phillies baseball season, a not-so-happy one at that. So let’s look to Autumn, James Harden and the Philadelphia 76ers. And while the city (Chinatown, in particular) mulls the future possibilities of a fresh, new basketball-only arena for the 76ers and Michael Rubin by 2032, Reebok is looking into the Sixers seasons’ past, and the grandeur of our winning-est teams today, July 22, with the release of The Question Mid basketball shoe – a special edition sneaker dedicated to Allen Iverson and inspired by Julius “Dr. J” Erving.

The Reebok Question Mid Celebrates the Sixers, Dr. J, and Allen Iverson

The Reebok Question Mid, done up in white leather with red and gold accents, released this morning, is not the first sneak dedicated to Allen Iverson. Those first shoes came in 1996 during his rookie season in the NBA where he earned 23.5 points and 7.5 assists per game and won Rookie of the Year. And while that Iverson sneak has continued to be de rigueur amongst b-ball aficionados, the new shoe features a fresh colorway of the classic, now, also paying homage to a Sixers great from an earlier time, Julius Erving. One in dedication to Iverson’s 2002 tribute to Dr. J during that year’s NBA’s All-Star game in Philadelphia. For that game, Allen “The Answer” Iverson wore Erving’s No. 6 instead of his usual No. 3 to honor one of the game’s gods and another of Philly’s finest.

reebok question mid Allen Iverson dr. j

On the heel of the new sneakers, where Iverson’s No. 3 usually sits, there sits a No. 6 for the good Dr. And for the sake of knowing, Iverson paid a previous tribute to Dr. J with his Soul on Ice Slam Magazine cover shoot in 1999, with a blue throwback Sixers jersey.

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