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Ye loves the Philly-based Rap Snacks. Now it’s your turn.

Cheyney University alum James Lindsay refreshed Rap Snacks. Now, with tweet from Kanye West, the Philly entrepreneur may be rocketing into the stratosphere.

Though Rap Snacks has been around since 1994 as “the official snack of hip hop,” it wasn’t truly a thing-thing until their recent rebrand turned up the volume (literally, more chips in each bag) on its packaging and marketing with large scale bags and more intricate bag cover designs on the portraits of its edible namesakes. The Rap Snacks lineup that forever included Ol’ Dirty Bastard, Master P, Notorious B.I.G., Meek Mill, Yung Joc, Bell Biv Devoe, and others needed a boost. And that jump, that refreshing, comes courtesy of its owner, Cheyney University marketing grad and longtime Meek Mill manager, James Lindsay, from Philly taking the point and going for national fame and placement harder. 

rap snacks meek mill

Along with adding new school rappers to his Rap Snacks Line – Lil Boosie, Lil Yachty, Cardi B has several flavors, as does Migos – Lindsay brought up new taste sensations (like Ramen Noodles, Cardi B Honey Drip Butter Popcorn, Lil Yachty’s Hot Cheese Fries and Migos White Cheddar With a Dab of Ranch Cheese Puffs) and is selling them across the nation as opposed to its original home base of the East Coast. I’m partial to the Cardi popcorn, in case you’re asking.

rap snacks cardi b

Surely Rap Snacks was moving along nicely, selling at WalMarts across the country. Then Kanye West got involved. On September 24, Ye tweeted out that the Rap Snacks dynasty had found its own star, all in the middle of West’s controversial set of discussions about freeing himself from his longtime recording and publishing contracts. West wrote “JAMES LINDSAY IS THE MOST IMPORTANT AND POWERFUL ENTREPRENEUR IN THE WORLD … HE DON’T GOT TO BEG TO BE ON BOARDS SEATS HE MADE HIS OWN. JAMES IS TRULY FREE.” before dropping a snippet of his rumored new track, “Believe What I Say,” all of which immediately turned Lindsay into an internet meme, and, probably rocked the Rap Snacks into a big selling new stratosphere.

rap snacks James Lindsay

Now, if we can just get Cardi to tweet them…


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