LGP Qua – The North Philly Rapper is Up Next


The North Philadelphia-born and bred rapper LGP Qua prepares for his crown.

Everybody in every neighborhood in Philadelphia is waiting for – hungering for – the next great rapper to come out of this city and make a name, a brand and a signature style for himself; something that sets him apart from the tradition while holding on to the unique greatness (and chart potential) that is, within this decade, Lil Uzi Vert and Meek Mill. West Philly’s Sim Santana aside, North Philadelphia rapper LGP Qua may very well be the next up-and-comer if his freestyle on Funk Flex’s Hot 97 the other night (all 6 plus minutes of it) was any indication.


LGP Qua has been a viral sensation and a freestyling Instagrammer since around 2017, and has been more of a plain-talking motivational speaker rapper than he has been – say – a braggart or a business first MC. Tracks such as “Ruthless,” “Big Drip,” “Straight for the Bag,” “Corner Store,” “Hungry Before the Bite,” Reaper,” and a righteous remake of Mill’s politically incendiary “Stay Woke” has put him in front of enthusiastic audiences, as well as that of industry professionals such as Jay Z (who was rumored to have considered offering LGP Qua a $1 million deal with his Roc Nation label), and The Black Eyed Pea’s will.i.am (who is part of LGPQ’s “INSOMNIAC (woke)” video. 

LGP Qua also collaborated with Foot Locker for their “Before and After Bite” campaign with Nike Air Max, and since 2018, has been adding and building onto his first mixtape “Voice of the Youth, Vol. I” for imminent release.


The whole Voice of the Youth thing goes along with his positivity, his drive and his soulful communal vibe, so let’s hope LGP Qua takes his time, and does it right. The future of Philly hip hop is riding on it.

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