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Philly 4th of July Weekend Alternatives

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Finding a way into a cool Philly 4th of July weekend besides the expected fireworks and typical brouhahas.

Outside of seeing TikTok hero Jason Derulo do his thing to Kodak Black tracks at the Oval on the Parkway on July 4, the Independence Day weekend holiday for most of you is nothing but the usual fireworks (which annoy my dog, and therefore, annoy me) and same culinary burger-and-wiener fare. So, come with me into the Philly July 1st through 4th extended weekend 2022, and let’s find something groovier, something darker, that we can all be proud to call truly free, funky and independent.

philly 4th
Jason Derulo

This might just be the late-night drinker in me talking but why don’t you go and visit Bobbi Booker and Raphael Tiberino’s take over at the Pen & Pencil? The whole weekend? That’s patriotic as hell, as the private club is like the oldest in America created in dedication to journalists everywhere, and Tiberino is a hardcore bar manager and bartender who is going to pour heavy and often. You have four days to get fucked up and not be back at work and face it, July 5th’s Tuesday work day is going to be a bust.

philly 4th
Pen & Pencil Club’s Chef Nantambu, President Bobbi Booker, and GM Raphael Tiberino.

Laughing? Who doesn’t like a good holiday joke? But with Aunt Pat having canceled their July 1st show at Underground Arts, let’s focus our attention on Helium Comedy Club on Sansom Street near Rittenhouse and South Carolina native, stand-up comedian, social media magnate and funeral director Shuler King who takes the mic from July 1st to July 3rd.

philly 4th
Comedian Shuler King.

Loud ass, balls-to-the-wall heavy metal is just the sort of noise to usurp that of the fireworks, and Kung Fu Necktie – yeah, KFN is alive and well – has it in all its hellbent for leathery glory with IATT, Fires in the Distance, Fellahin Fall and The World Without Us. Boom.

The British? We kicked their ass in the War of Independence that we commemorate with this weekend’s extended holiday. If not for the Brits, we’d be celebrating Boxing Day. So why not partake in entertainment totally on the UK tip? That would be seeing British national treasure and playwright-composer Noel Coward’s catty comedy Blithe Spirit at the Walnut Street Theatre before its summer run closes, AND catching up with the late Andrew Fletcher and the Depeche Mode heavy dance party, a Black Celebration, July 1st at Johnny Brenda’s. Enjoy the silence.

philly 4th

Or you could just start the second season of Only Murders in the Building on HULU or binge Stranger Things Season 4 at Netflix like the rest of the world.

See you on July 5.

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